Director Statement

I have been working in film and television for the past 25 plus years, as an editor, camera person and director. Besides working for a living, mostly in television, I have always tried to work on passion projects on the side, such as music videos, documentaries, and film shorts. For the past several years, I have been producing and directing a series of short films profiling various artists living and working in NYC. In the beginning, I focused on street artists and muralists, but eventually started reaching out to artists creating works in different modalities, including performance art.

I first discovered David Henry Nobody Jr. on Instagram, and my mind was incredibly blown by what I saw. David's art is first of all unique, bizarre, and mesmerizing. It also has a political element to it (at times), as well as blistering critiques on what he sees as some of the ills of society. 

For whatever reason, David's art resonated with me immediately, and compelled me to reach out to him. I felt his art and what he has to say about it are important, as well as being a visual spectacle. I explained to him my feelings about his work, and why I felt what he was doing was important and why I needed (I'm passionate about my work.) to make a short documentary about him.

Luckily, David was open to meeting with me, and after a few phone calls, etc., agreed to participate in this project. On a personal note, I was very excited that David had agreed, as I like to make my films visually compelling, as well as pushing the envelope with the stories being told, and I felt that David and his story would be the perfect vehicle for this.

Fortunately, David was willing to spend a fair amount of time with me in order to allow me to capture everything I needed to make a powerful piece that would give people a better sense of the man, his art, and his process, as well as a front row seat to the insanity.

 I am happy to say that after starting this project a little over a year ago, and going through eight or nine cuts, I have finally gotten the piece to where I feel it does justice to David and his incredible work. I feel this film short is interesting, both visually and in content, funny, weird, unique, and probably a little controversial, but necessary, sort of like David himself.

My hope is that audiences enjoy the film, that they gain a better understanding of the artist, and that it impacts them in a meaningful way, because I feel David Henry Nobody Jr. is an important voice that deserves to be heard.


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Mobil phone: 347-827-7497

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